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The Social Security Disability program is one of the largest Federal programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities. Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are "insured," meaning that you worked long enough and have paid Social Security taxes.

At The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy, we’re a leader in helping our clients receive Social Security Disability benefits that they are properly entitled to. We have worked to protect income for severely injured employees by providing representation throughout Northern California in Social Security Disability Insurance and State Disability appeals.
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Social Security Disability Law Information

One of the most well-known federal programs around today is the Social Security Disability program. This program awards social security benefits to those who are disabled. There are two specific programs that accomplish this, but there are a number of standards to keep in mind when gauging eligibility for either program.

The two programs handled by the United States Social Security Administration that offer disability benefits are the Social Security Disability Insurance Program and the Supplemental Security Income Program. Both programs provide monetary benefits to those who are disabled and can’t work, but they do have different standards of eligibility. To be eligible for SSDI, an individual must be able to prove both their disability and some work credits that show that the individual used to work. To be eligible for SSI, however, there are no requirements to prove past work experience. The only qualifications to be eligible for SSI are to be disabled or blind and aged 65 or older with low income or other sources of money.

The amount of benefits disabled individuals are entitled to also differs between SSDI and SSI. For SSDI, the amount of compensation varies upon each individual’s earning history. SSI is distributed based on need.

Felt like you were under paid by your social security benefits? First let’s define what’s an underpayment is. First is a Nonpayment. Nonpayment is when a payment for a month was due, but you did not receive it. Next is, payment of less than amount due for a month, and last is a check representing correct payment to an individual who died before the check was deposited or cashed.

Provisions of the Social Security Act

There are a number of social security laws that have been outlined in the Social Security Act that explain the provisions for being eligible for benefits and services. These provisions include disability insurance, unemployment compensation, child welfare services, compensation for federal employees, medical assistance programs and more.

The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy in Sacramento, CA can explain each and every law in the Social Security Act and let clients know which benefits they are entitled to. They will also stand alongside clients who file disability claims in order to make sure their needs are met. We are a team with the knowledge and wherewithal to defend clients in cases where their social security benefits have been denied or have yet to be granted.

If you are disabled and haven’t received the social security benefits you’re entitled to, call the Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy at 916-600-5052. We can offer clients a free consultation on their social security disability or worker’s compensation case.
Injured employees who suffer from permanent injuries and/or disabilities may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits from the United States Social Security Administration.

Contact an Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been denied in your claim, or are not making progress in your Social Security Disability benefits claim, contact the Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy. Our team of experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys and staff can help you protect your income and obtain the disability benefits that you or your loved one are entitled to. We can help expedite the process and help you get back on your feet. Fill out our quick contact form or call us at 916-600-5052 for a Free Consultation in your case.
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