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  • 21 Aug, 2017

Workplace discrimination is a common unfortunate issue. When employers treat employees unjustly based on discriminatory reasons, such as race, color, sex, age or other protected classes, employees have the right to file claims.

 You have a right to pursue a lawsuit, let us at the Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy review your case and evaluate the prospects of seeking legal action. We can help you determine if a breach occurred.

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The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy is here to help protect your rights. Public or Private, you have a civil right to safe working conditions. The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy practices in a wide range of civil law matters including Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability Appeals, and Personal Injury cases.

The rights a good applicant attorney can preserve include: timely medical care for the injury; temporary disability; permanent disability; and the right to either return to work or be provided a vocational rehabilitation voucher.

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By lemaster 21 Aug, 2017

Workplace discrimination is a common unfortunate issue. When employers treat employees unjustly based on discriminatory reasons, such as race, color, sex, age or other protected classes, employees have the right to file claims.

 You have a right to pursue a lawsuit, let us at the Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy review your case and evaluate the prospects of seeking legal action. We can help you determine if a breach occurred.

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This is a very valid question that is posed to me nearly every day. I tell all injured workers who are prospective clients the same thing. Namely, where the case is that their injury is beyond simple first aid, or has not completely resolved in a couple months or is even potentially surgical, then a good specialized worker’s comp attorney is a must to protect the applicant’s various rights under the California Labor Code. After all, the insurance adjuster is an expert who handles solely worker’s comp claims for a living. As such, adjusters know all the “ins and outs” of worker’s comp law to benefit their insurance company and usually to the detriment of the unrepresented injured worker. This is simply how they’ve been trained and often they have been trained to mislead the injured worker/applicant.

If you know very little about cars, wouldn’t you feel a lot safer going to a reputable mechanic rather than servicing your own brakes? The same rule applies here. The insurance company is comprised of experts to serve the insurance carrier’s interests, NOT yours as the injured worker. That is where the Law Office if Nicholas Sheedy comes in. We hold the insurance companies’ feet to the fire daily for our clients. When an adjuster will not authorize something medically necessary, my office first makes demands, then files Petitions for Penalties promptly against the insurance carrier and proceed towards trial. Often, we are in court in matter of a couple weeks to try the matter and gain our clients’ much needed medical care. There are specific rules the insurance company must follow. If they don’t, we hold them and keep them fully accountable.

-Nicholas Sheedy


The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy is Protecting Your Rights

If you were injured on the job you are entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits from your employer's insurance company. Workers' compensation is designed to provide you with the medical treatment and rehabilitation you need to recover from your work-related injury, replace the wages you lose while you are recovering, and help you return to work.


We have successfully handled claims for a wide range of injuries including:



Traumatic Brain Injuries


Although you may be receiving a workers' compensation check, it does not mean that your rights are protected. Contact the Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy for a free consultation.

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The Social Security Disability program is one of the largest Federal programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities. Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are "insured," meaning that you worked long enough and have paid Social Security taxes.

At The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy, we’re a leader in helping our clients receive Social Security Disability benefits that they are properly entitled to. We have worked to protect income for severely injured employees by providing representation throughout Northern California in Social Security Disability Insurance and State Disability appeals. If you need representation, give us a call today !

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The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy has been a leader in Workers’ Compensation cases for over 15 years. We’re proud to enforce the rights of injured police officers, firefighters, public safety officers and private sector workers throughout the state of California.

“Do I really need a worker’s comp attorney?”

This is a very valid question that is debated nearly every day. When the situation is beyond simple first aid, or has not completely been resolved in a few months or if you are looking at surgery, then a specialized worker’s comp attorney is a must to protect your rights.

The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy is here to protect your rights. Give us a call at 916-604-4291, let us help you today.

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Welcome to the Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy. If you have been injured on the job or have permanent disabilities that you have received from a job, contact our office to schedule your FREE consultation.

Nicholas Sheedy has practiced workers compensation, Social Security Disability, labor claim and personal injury law in the state of California since 1995. With over 15 years of experience as a workers' compensation attorney serving Sacramento, Redding, San Francisco Bay Area, Eureka, and even as far south as Fresno - Nicholas Sheedy is the attorney that you need on your side. Call 916-604-4291 to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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When the unthinkable happens and you are injured on the job, it is important to know your rights. Serving Sacramento, CA the Law Offices of Nicholas Sheedy will be there when you need us most to defend your right to worker’s compensation. Here is a list of benefits an injured party could be entitled to. For more information visit the State of California’s Department of Industrial Relation’s website.

Medical Treatment:

Upon a work related injury or illness, an employer must pay for the necessary medical care that will facilitate the employee’s recovery. The type of medical care is subscribed by a doctor and then submitted to the Utilization Review (UR) for approval.

Total Temporary Disability (TTD):

Employers pay 2/3rds of the injured party’s wages while the employee recovers and receives treatment. Payments are made after 2 weeks and only stops once a doctor has determined the person has recovered enough to return to work or it is determined that a person has recovered as much as they’re going to.

Permanent Disability (PD):

Not all workers recover from their injury or illness. In these cases the injured employee is entitled Permanent Disability to cover some of their lost income. The amount paid out to the injured party depends on a formula and is determined either by judge or disability evaluator. Factors include impairment level as determined by a doctor as well as the date that you were injured.

Supplemental Job Displacement Vouchers (SJDV):

If a permanent partial disability is determined and the employer does not give the injured party alternative work, then a voucher for retraining, skill development or education will be provided. This nontransferable voucher can be used at state approved or state accredited institutions.

Death Benefits:

If an injury or illness leads to the untimely death of an employee, then their family could be entitled to benefits. Payments are made to cover funeral expenses as well as a sum of money determined by the number of dependents the deceased employee had.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, call the Law Offices of Nicholas Sheedy to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney. The more time we have, the more likely our law firm will be able to help you secure the compensation you require. Contact us today!

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Workplace injuries can have a long lasting effect even after workers’ comp is paid out. Part of the problem is that worker’s compensation might not give the injured party adequate medical coverage. Often it is recommended that cheaper procedures be utilized over ones more expensive such as surgeries and MRIs. At one time it was easy to fight for better treatment by seeking a doctor’s evaluation, however since 2013, this process has become much more arduous.

Since 2013, the Independent Medical Review (IMR) adjudicates all medical disputes and the right to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board has been stripped. Using confusing processes and tight deadlines, it is highly unlikely that an injured worker can rightfully obtain the treatment they deserve. Often the injured party waits until their treatment is denied before consulting with an attorney. By that time it is often too late to start the litigation process. However, if an attorney is brought on early enough in the process there are strategies that can be utilized to get the injured party the proper medical attention they deserve and is often necessary to lead a normal healthy life once again.

Combating the Procedure

With an attorney from the start, there is a much greater chance for success in the appeals process as long as the injured party sustained more than minor damage. The Independent Medical Review will prolong treatments for important procedures such as MRIs and surgery as long as possible so it is important that the injured party act fast in the case of serious injuries. The IMR will inevitably deny these expensive treatments, which allows the attorney to forward this denial to independent doctors to review. The doctors will subscribe their recommended treatment and subsequently will be submitted to the Utilization Review. If the treatment is challenged by the Utilization Review, then the case can be taken to court.

After the court case – if victorious – the client is given the full treatment they required. Without an attorney this procedure is nearly impossible to accomplish due to ambiguous tight deadlines and non-intuitive procedures. With the right attorney – such as Nicholas Sheedy – there is a much greater chance of the injured party receiving the treatment that they need as long as the attorney is brought on from the very beginning.

If you or a loved one has experienced a debilitating injury at work, call the Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy today at 916-604-4291.

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Worker Comp Services

When injured on a job it is important to know your rights. At The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy we offer a free initial consultation for just this reason. In addition, Nicholas Sheedy offers a whole range of other services: from identifying potential third party claims to going over the qualified medical evaluation process.

The Initial Consultation

Every one of our clients receives the personal attention that they deserve. Through a free initial consultation we explain many of the nuances of the workers; compensation procedure. Nicholas Sheedy will explain the benefits of workers’ comp over treatment through private medical insurance as well as the difference between a workers’ comp claim and a civil lawsuit. Our injured workers are also appraised to gauge their rights for total temporary disability (TTD), permanent disability (PD), future medical treatment and supplemental job displacement vouchers (SJDV).

Third Party Claims

In some cases, The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy can identify third party claims and refer them to the lawyers that are specialized in those particular cases. These third party claims often overlap with a workers’ compensation claim and often happen in the case of a motor vehicle accident, product liability, third party premise liability, and employment suits.

Other Services

The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy offers a whole host of other services. We will explain the entire process for qualified and agreed medical evaluations (QME/AME) as well as going over the permanent disability rating system. Nicholas Sheedy will help to prioritize a workers’ speedy return to work as well as any options for settlements.

The Law Firm that Works for You

Nicholas Sheedy understands that being injured on the job can be a confusing and stressful time. Leave the confusing litigations and processes to us. The workers’ compensation services offered by The Law Office of Nicholas Sheedy will give you the peace of mind to focus on what really matters, a proper and full recover.

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2/18/2014   - You may not think that you will be injured while working, but it happens more often than you might think. Work injuries happen at many different workplaces, not just high risk work environments like construction zones. If you are injured at work, it is important to contact a workers’ compensation attorney right away. Why? There are important steps you need to take following an injury at work. There is important paperwork that needs to be filed, doctor’s appointments to account for, and important information to document in a timely manner following your injury. You may also be eligible for social security disability if your injury is severe enough that you are no longer able to continue working. You will also need a social security disability attorney to fight for your right to obtain social security disability. A workers’ compensation law firm such as ours will be there to stand by you and defend you in your time of need.

Nicholas Sheedy will represent you in Sacramento, CA- Call us today for a consultation on your case.

Injured on the Job

Having an attorney to help guide you through a complicated workers compensation case is important. A professional attorney will be able to defend your rights, and ensure that you will receive the money that you deserve, all while you are able to recover at your own pace. An injured employee should not try to fight an employer alone. Many employers have teams of attorneys that will go and fight for them, therefore having an attorney on your side will make sure that you will be heard.

Employer Issues

Many employers try to find a way to not pay workers’ compensation. If your employer is at fault for your injury, our work injury law firm will fight for you. Contact us as soon as possible if you employer tries to deny you your workers’ compensation payment. You are entitled to workers’ compensation, and your employer should have the coverage to pay. Having an attorney on your side will ensure that you receive your settlement.

Insurance Company Issues

Sometimes, insurance companies might have discrepancies with coverage following a work accident. If you find that you have had issues with your insurance company not working with workers’ compensation, or if there is lack of appropriate coverage following a work accident, a work injury lawyer like Nicholas Sheedy will be there to defend you. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you, contact us to see if we can help.

Medical Treatment Issues

Did you receive medical treatment following your work accident? Was it the appropriate level of care, or do you continue to suffer even after treatment? The medical care you received after your work injury may have not been enough due to limits on workers’ compensation insurance. Also, many workers’ compensation settlements do not account for problems or symptoms that continue well after the accident or medical treatment is over. Consult with a labor lawyer to find out how you may be able to receive additional care or compensation.

When Injured, Seek Legal Counsel

For peace of mind and the protection of your rights, it will only benefit you to seek a consultation with the Law Offices of Nicholas Sheedy. We’ll guide you step-by-step through your workers’ compensation case. Proudly serving Sacramento, CA, as workers’ compensation attorneys, we will help you win the settlement you deserve.

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